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New Work on the way to Issue 25!

So I've been away for far too long as TRIBE Comics is taking a year off to perfect the next generation of TRIBE Comics. Which has stalled the production of TRIBE's entire line of titles. But starting hopefully by the end of the year The Comic Bug and a slew of other titles will take a new rotation of release schedules. We haven't forgotten anyone but we do want to bring the best product to you the readers and collectors. So as a sneek peek I'm uploading the new cover to the monumental issue 25 for the masses.


Just 5 to Go Till the Milestone issue!

The Comic Bug #20 is right around the corner with a new logo and new cover looks. So here is the cover's cover from artist Scott Shehi and of course writer/colorist/letterer Joe Flores. Let us know what you think and click the link below the image to get this glorious book.

Also remember to pre-order this issue along with every past issue from T.R.I.B.E. Comics new store built into the site. No more dual usernames or passwords. Just login and start ordering!

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